Learn more about how CMO can benefit your organisation regarding your manpower / outsourcing needs.

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Learn more about how CMO can benefit your organisation regarding your manpower / outsourcing needs.

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One way to manage your contingent workforce is to use our Contractor Management Outsourcing solution, or CMO for short. This is a service that allows you to outsource some or all of your non-permanent workers to an external company that will manage their visa, medical insurance and payroll. Hays will act as the official Employer of Record (EoR) for all the workers that you hire on a non-permanent basis.


CMO gives you the ability to on-board, manage and invoice pre-identified temporary and contract workers regardless of worker classification. Our service will on-board and pay your workers quickly and efficiently, while ensuring the risks and costs to your organisation are mitigated.

Setting up an entity in the Middle East can be a lengthy and bureaucratic process. Hays will act as an Employer of Record for your business, regardless of whether you have an entity or not, and ensure that you are compliant with the local labour laws across the Gulf region.

  • Ensuring independent contractor compliance

    We hold federal licenses with our partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Jordan. With a robust compliance framework in place, we’ll ensure your contractors are compliant and engaged in each country.

  • Managing your visa and payroll process

    The location, source and classification of your contractors can cause complexity when it comes to visa processing and payroll services. We partner with companies who process employment visas and streamline payroll systems in each country. We ensure a smooth and accurate payroll process for you and your workers with timely and accurate payment and consolidated invoicing. 

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  • Gain visibility and control with cutting-edge technology

    Benefit from a consistent process for hiring managers which provides visibility and control through each step of engaging contingent talent. Leverage real-time reporting and analytics, with access to spend data, SLA reports, and other metrics through PowerBI dashboards.

  • Quality worker support, guaranteed

    We offer full self-service worker support for everything related to assignments and engagement, HR and payroll. Our committed operations and on-boarding team will look after your employees throughout their employment journey.

  • A streamlined service

    Our service is tailored to the needs of customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Jordan. All our processes are streamlined and automated, including requisitions, authorisations, pre-screening, compliance vetting, on-boarding, off-boarding and consolidated invoicing.


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Some organisations opt to keep the management of their contractors in-house, which offers close control over, and visibility of, their contractors.  

However, as the volume of contractors grows, the complexity of managing so many moving parts can stretch the capacity of procurement teams, leaving organisations vulnerable to financial and regulatory risks.  

Outsourcing the management of your contractors enables organisations to quickly and safely engage any contingent worker, regardless of source or classification.  

An effective CMO solution will streamline the management of your workers, enabling you to refocus your efforts and internal resources into supporting strategic priorities.  At Hays, we challenge ourselves to think beyond, so our service is underpinned by market-leading technology and unmatched support and development for your contingent workforce.  

We employ 13,000 talent professionals worldwide and give them world-class training and clear career paths at all levels. This allows us to attract the very best talent specialists from across the world, meaning we have the scale to ensure we can deploy them rapidly enough to meet any recruitment or workforce demand.

Hays is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250. This, coupled with our global outsourced employee population of over 240,000 employees, gives you the confidence that your outsourced employees are compliant and paid on time.



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