Build a more agile and effective workforce with simple, swift and secure access to a network of non-permanent talent. Discover how a Managed Service Programme can power your growth. 


Build a more agile and effective workforce with simple, swift and secure access to a network of non-permanent talent. Discover how a Managed Service Programme can power your growth. 



Companies incorporating more and more non-permanent workers has made it increasingly difficult to access non-permanent skills. Key challenges lie in identifying the right channels, engaging the right suppliers and conveying the right message to attract and retain the expertise needed. Then, there is the issue of ensuring visibility and compliance across your organisation.

With a market-leading Managed Service Programme (MSP) in place, we’ll unlock access to the skills and expertise you need, transforming these challenges into a source of competitive advantage.

  • An exhaustive, end-to-end process

    Our multichannel supply chain gives you access to a vast network of skills, and we build bespoke talent networks and leverage cross border supply. We combine our scale with insights that ensure effective channel strategies, so you can engage business-critical expertise when you need it.

  • Data-driven decisions

    With a wealth of insights from across the globe, we are best placed to position you for success. Whether it's leveraging data to explore the availability of niche or emerging skillsets, defining the risk associated with specific sourcing channels or advising on the best methods of engagement, we'll make better decisions together.

  • Let’s think beyond

    Organisations must do more to attract, onboard and develop skills to compete in a more complex world of work. Our comprehensive suite of advisory services can be deployed to enhance the diversity and inclusivity of your talent networks or develop your Contractor Value Proposition. When competition is fierce, we’ll make sure you take top spot in securing the expertise you need.

  • Getting directly to the source

    You need a sourcing process that doesn’t just find the right people, but also nurtures an engaged pipeline of workers, primed to be a part of your organisation. Integrating our Direct Sourcing service can enhance the ‘pull power’ of your brand, enabling you to connect with better talent, faster.

  • Committed to innovation

    Overseeing the successful implementation and adoption of your MSP is just one part of a complex puzzle. We challenge ourselves to seek new and better ways of solving the problems you face, today and tomorrow. Our strategy and innovation board are committed to continually building, reviewing and refining a strategy to exceed your ambitions.

  • Let’s talk about your MSP

    Together, we’ll enhance the capabilities of your contingent talent.



  • Enhanced access to skills and expertise

    Our omnichannel sourcing strategy ensures a uniform customer experience while providing access to a vast network of skills. Guided by a wealth of data and insights, we’ll make intelligent decisions about your talent function, together.

  • Futureproof your business

    Change is inevitable. But a reactive approach risks your organisation being left behind. We continuously monitor changing market trends, predict your evolving needs and build relationships with suppliers to ensure access to the skills you need, when you need them.

  • An unparalleled customer experience

    Your success is at the heart of our business. We will take the time to understand your organisation and then act as a catalyst for positive change, challenging your thinking to help you improve. Equipped with the tools, technology and market insights specific to your industry, we’re committed to providing a quality experience to every stakeholder in your organisation.



The scope of opportunity offered by a Managed Service Programme can make it difficult to know where to start.

If your organisation is new to MSP: For those embarking on their journey, the key is to build the right foundations. We secure programme adoption through effective change management, creating manager friendly processes with a focus on engaging and enabling, rather than controlling, your supplier network. This approach enables ‘buy in’ across an array of stakeholders, reduces the risk presented by change and ensures results are realised faster.

If you’re searching for more agility: For organisations eager to unlock more from their existing MSP, we combine four services into one holistic solution. Bringing together MSP, Contractor Management Outsourcing, Direct Sourcing and our proprietary Vendor Management System, 3 Story Software under an MSP Complete model. This strategy offers the most agile, accountable and cost-effective solution.

If you’re building on existing foundations: The next step in your workforce journey is to build towards a Total Workforce Solution, combining the capabilities of your MSP with Services & SoW Procurement or a Recruitment Process Outsourcing service.


Optimise your recruitment process

Smarter. Faster. More agile. Discover what's possible with a workforce solutions partner. 

Enhance your access to expertise

The strategies you need to find the people who will power your progress.


An MSP is a service where a recruitment outsourcing business assumes primary responsibility for the management of sourcing, engagement and administration of temporary, contract and other non-permanent workers. 

Most MSPs are charged as either a percentage of contingent workforce spend, or a price per transaction fee. We can also tailor payment options to the specific needs of your organisation, including a fixed fee or a performance-based pricing model, in which savings are shared.

We’ll explore the options available when it comes to supplier management, tailored to the specific challenges and ambitions faced by your organisation and MSP implementation. We’ll always choose to champion enablement over control.  

The first step is to set up a multidisciplinary Steering Committee, consisting of HR and Procurement, as well as line management from the teams which hire the most temporary resources. Securing engagement from this project team ensures key perspectives are taken into consideration and that your stakeholders are in agreement before the solution is chosen.  

Sustained support and unambiguous communications are essential for a successful outsourcing solution.



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