Enhance the capacity and capability of your organisation, with the ability to identify, engage and onboard new skills and expertise with ease.

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Enhance the capacity and capability of your organisation, with the ability to identify, engage and onboard new skills and expertise with ease.



A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution offers organisations access to a wealth of expert recruitment capability, ensuring scalable access to talent and an elevated customer experience.

Operating as an extension of your organisation, we’ll combine dedicated experts, leading technology, proven best practice and data-driven insights to forecast future demand and optimise sourcing, assessment and onboarding. Crucially, we will ensure you have the right people in place to achieve your ambitions.

  • The expertise you need

    Whether you’re looking to enhance access to critical skills or trying to accelerate transformation, our experience and track record across a vast range of industries enables us to connect you with the right people, at the right time.

  • Anticipate, predict, plan

    It doesn't matter how many people you need, each and every one needs to be the right fit for your organisation. Leveraging an end-to-end planning process, we'll evaluate, anticipate, find, engage and onboard the right people efficiently and effectively.

  • Enhance your employer brand

    There’s a battle for expertise, and competition is fierce. You’ll need to do more to ensure the people you need can connect and commit to your strategic ambitions. Together, we’ll develop your employer brand and ensure you’re first choice for top talent.

  • Leading talent acquisition technology

    Whether you need to optimise your existing platforms or want to explore new ones, we’re here for you. We offer an integrated suite of technology that will give you better access to talent and an improved candidate experience.

  • Insights for success

    Our goal is to help you get work done, better. We’ll offer actionable insights from the latest market trend data to inform a smarter workforce strategy.

  • Talk to us about RPO

    Are you ready to enhance the reach of your in-house capability? Talk to the team at Hays.



  • Diverse talent networks for greater access to skills

    Leverage our vast talent networks to engage all the expertise you need. Whatever skills you require, we’ve got the sourcing strategy to connect you, and an engagement strategy to ensure you’re front of mind.

  • Improved fit and efficiency

    We'll partner with your business to understand your demand for talent and critical skills gaps, and we'll work together to idenfity the best sourcing strategies for your needs. You'll benefit from talent networks packed full of quality candidates and assessment and selection processes that will secure you the people you need, quicker.

  • Build an Employer Value Proposition for a new era

    In a talent-scarce market, relying solely on remuneration will likely mean missing out on the expertise you need. We’ll work with you to get the best from your brand, building your reputation as a great place to work with professional branding, culture and messaging alignment.



For those organisations without the technology or budget required to build their own technology stack, we offer an integrated service, creating an Applicant Tracking System configured to your organisation and optimised by our experts.

With an RPO Essentials service, you'll benefit from our vast range of complementary technologies, built with your budget in mind.

If you're searching for new skills, one size doesn't fit all. Strategies and processes that work for one segment or function may not translate into other teams. For those organisations seeking skills in emerging areas, or building a new function in their organisation, we offer a Project RPO service specifically designed to engage these essential individuals.

Our RPO for Tech service recognises the demands and preferences of this in-demand skillset. Streamlined processes and engagement routes will enable you to beat your competition to the talent you need.

Whether you're looking for a fully outsourced solution or seeking skills in emerging areas, together we'll deliver the right solution for your specific needs.


Optimise your recruitment process

Smarter. Faster. More agile. Discover what's possible with a workforce solutions partner. 

Enhance your access to expertise

The strategies you need to find the people who will power your progress.


Whereas recruitment and staffing agencies focus on sourcing candidates, RPO providers design and implement strategies across the full recruitment process, supporting your business to make better buying decisions. From workforce planning through to onboarding and development, an RPO will work as an extension of your organisation.  


We've worked with a vast array of Applicant Tracking Systems over the years, so we're experienced at optimising and delivering RPO services across a variety of different tools and systems. 

As experts in technology, we also see an important part of our role as supporting you in the development and management of your recruitment technology to make the sourcing, processing and management of your employees simple

We've developed a range of solutions to better solve the challenges our clients face.  

Our Project RPO services offers agile support for a specific project or time period when an internal team could struggle to handle the increase in demand.

Another example is RPO Essentials, which allows businesses of all sizes to leverage our expertise and benefit from our dedicated support, without the typical time or resource requirements, making it more suitable for your short-term needs.



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