IT and tech jobs in the middle east

For technology professionals seeking their next move, our specialist consultants have the in-depth expertise and employer connections needed to empower your career.

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IT and tech jobs in the middle east

For technology professionals seeking their next move, our specialist consultants have the in-depth expertise and employer connections needed to empower your career.

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Our recruitment experience in IT and technology jobs

As a technology professional, your skills have never been more in demand, as organisations across sectors seek to innovate their digital processes, products and services. 

As market leaders, with a dedicated team of specialist technology consultants, we’ll support and advise you in relation to your in-demand skills and talents, unlocking exciting job opportunities in a thriving tech landscape.  

We place thousands of people in both permanent and contract tech roles every year, with our tech division leveraging the latest technology to intelligently engage with organisations and match them to the right talent. 

This means you have access to a range of tech-focused roles and the chance to work with leading, cutting-edge employers. We’ll bring you tech opportunities in data analytics, engineering, architecture and science, software engineering, DevOps, cloud and IT infrastructure, IT security and cyber security, and more. 

From dealing in blockchain to artificial intelligence, the employers we work with are invested in the tech world of tomorrow. There’s a particularly strong demand for machine learning engineers, mobile developers, UI/UX designers, security red teamers, cloud architects, DevOps and DevSecOps engineers. 

Whether you’re looking to innovate in an agile tech start-up or a global software enterprise, we have the tech job for your level of seniority and to suit your work/life balance needs. From head of engineering to programmers – and positions in fintech, agritech, edtech and more - our dedicated, trusted employer relationships make us your lifelong partner of choice.   

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Technology employers we work with 

Working with organisations across the Middle East, you’ll benefit from our expansive network of progressive, tech-driven employers. Choose from disruptive start-ups on their way to unicorn status, to market-leading, globally recognised enterprises. We can bring you roles in both the public and private sectors across a range of industries.  

Our sophisticated partner network allows us to build and share our sought-after expertise, delivering value to your career in tech.  



There is a growing need for permanent and contractor roles in tech - the size and scale of digital transformation projects urgently demand tech-minded employees. With so many tech roles being in such high demand, the onus is on organisations to offer tech professionals greater work choice and flexibility.

IT and tech orientated roles can demand highly competitive salaries – especially those based in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. For example, a Chief Information Security Officer in the UAE can earn up to 85,000AED monthly.  

See our latest Salary Guides for an in-depth look at what you could be earning in your next tech role. 

There’s currently a huge demand for experienced and skilled professionals with solid technical skillsets. From AI and machine learning to cloud computing and Blockchain, both mature and emerging technologies are vital to an organisation’s scalability. We’re seeing a strong demand for tech orientated roles that include data professionals, software leads, cyber security experts, enterprise architects, cloud specialists and DevOps engineers. Leadership professionals with a proven track-record are also highly sought across all industries, as digital transformation continues to take centre stage at many organisations. Tech leaders – such as CIOs and CTOs – increasingly have a seat at the decision-making table.

There’s a vast range of IT roles in the job market. We have a plethora of fulfilling jobs available, so you’re sure to find something that matches your skill set, desired salary and ideal working pattern. Interested in flexible tech roles? No problem - our dedicated team can match you with contract IT jobs.

In short, almost everyone needs IT professionals. With technology being such an integral part of any business, employers are constantly on the lookout for professionals who can realise their digital goals. There’s unprecedented demand for IT skills in both private and public sectors, from smaller start-ups to towering multinationals. With such a choice of employers, zoning in on the right one can be a daunting prospect. As your lifelong partner in tech, we can provide you with the best service to make the process easier and more rewarding. Whether it's discussing job opportunities in a transparent and honest way, or giving you access to the latest intelligence and insights to shape your decisions.