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Optimism and growing job opportunities ahead

There is much optimism in the job market throughout the Gulf for 2022. Of those professionals who took part in our survey, 61% said they felt positive about their career prospects for the next 12 months and 78% of employers are positive about the outlook for their business – up significantly on 54% who felt the same in 2020 and 57% in 2019. When asked about hiring intentions for 2022, 73% of employers plan to increase headcount in their organisation, which is again, a significant uplift on the 53% who said the same the prior two years – a further indication that business activity is set to surge beyond pre-pandemic levels. As mentioned above, Saudi is booming when it comes to hiring and 80% of employers here expect to increase their workforce numbers over the next 12 months.


of Gulf-based employers expect headcount to increase in their organisation in 2022


of employers are positive about the outlook for business in 2022

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Salaries are on the up

Of those employers that took part in our survey, 73% anticipate salaries in their organisation to increase in 2022, 26% expect salaries to remain the same as 2021 and 1% expect a decrease. From our own experiences, salaries certainly have increased year-on-year and are set to continue on this trajectory for 2022, with a proportionally higher number of salary rises likely to take place this year than in the past 3 years. Again, the most common increase is likely to be an uplift of up to 5%.

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Hybrid work models here to stay

There remains much debate around flexible working, specifically remote working, with no standardised trend as to what organisations offer their employees in the region. Of those professionals who took part in our survey and who are able to work from home, the most common offering was complete flexibility to work from home or the office as they wished. Two to three days home working per week was the next most common and more than half, 34%, said that remote working afforded them a better work-life balance. It is clear that following the pandemic, remote working is considered an important factor for professionals considering a new employer and an offering that must, where possible, be incorporated into organisations attraction and retention strategies.


of professionals say that remote working affords them a better work-life balance

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