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Despite serious global disruptions, the GCC remains steadfast. Stability, continuous investment, and diversification means organisations can focus on expansion. As such, a buoyant labour market is expected this year, with new jobs being created across multiple sectors and geographies. Indeed, 85% of employers say that they are planning to recruit permanent employees in 2023. With 45% of professionals planning to change organisations this year, it's sure to lead to greater competition for talent.

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85% of employers plan to recruit permanent employees in 2023


45% of professionals are planning to change organisations in 2023

Roles employers are recruiting for in 2023

85% Permanent employees


14% Freelancers and/or contractors


14% Temporary contract employees


8% We are not planning to recruit


*Total is over 100% as it was possible to select multiple answers

Changes employees are planning to make to their career path in 2023

45% Change organisation but stay within the same role or industry


18% I am looking to be promoted in the same department


18% I plan to stay in the same role with my current organisation


8% A new role within my current organisation


5% Follow a completely different career path


2% Set up my own business or become self-employed


2% I am self-employed or a contractor but I am looking for a permanent role


2% Other


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Under half of organisations in the GCC offer remote or hybrid working options. In 2023, one in five employers anticipate that employees will be required in the workplace more. In this new era of work, professionals now place work-life balance and flexible working as a top priority when looking for a new job. As such, offering remote and flexible working options is a viable way to counter the fierce competition for talent.

Working models, as offered by employers in the GCC

5% Fully remote


14% Employees can work with complete flexibility


14% Hybrid (4 days per week in the office)


14% Hybrid (2-3 days per week in the office)


1% Hybrid (1 day per week in the office)


1% Hybrid (1-3 days per month in the office)


51% Fully office based


Do employers anticipate that their organisation's working model will change in 2023?

No - we anticipate it will stay the same
Yes - we anticipate employees will be required in the workplace more
Yes - we anticipate employees will be required in the workplace less

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Addressing the skills dissonance is vital for future success

Employers and employees in the GCC have different perceptions of talent availability within their organisations. While 82% of employees believe they have the necessary skills to fulfil their role in 2023, only 35% of employers strongly agree they have the talent needed for the next year. It's vital that employers and employees work together to address this disconnect to ensure success in the future.

Do employers believe their organisation has the skills it needs to achieve its current objectives?

Yes - strongly agree
Yes - slightly agree
No - disagree
No - strongly disagree

Do employees believe they have skills needed to fulfil their role in 2023?

Yes - strongly agree
Yes - slightly agree
No - disagree
No - strongly disagree

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