Business support jobs in the middle east 

We’re here to help you advance your business support career with a variety of roles.

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Business support jobs in the middle east 

We’re here to help you advance your business support career with a variety of roles.

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Our recruitment experience in business support jobs

Business support roles are fundamental to the smooth running of an organisation – they provide vital support to help navigate an ever-evolving landscape. Our expert consultants understand this and they know what’s required to maintain efficient central support in today’s world of work.

As a leadership partner to many business support employers, and with over 18 years of local recruiting experience, we’re ready to connect you to a range of business support roles that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our dedicated business support consultants recruit for an extensive range of roles, including office managers, receptionists, HR administrators, import/export administrators, sales administrators, and more. Covering the manufacturing, financial services, engineering, construction, and professional services sectors, as well as government and semi-government, our experience placing business support professionals in the right roles is second to none. 


Business support employers we work with

We help organisations of all types and sizes recruit for business support professionals, ranging from start-ups and small, specialist private firms to global corporate organisations.

We know what is needed to succeed in business support roles, and we’re in a leading position to match you with respected employers regionwide.




The salary you can expect to earn from a business support role will vary depending on several factors, including location, experience, and the job profile itself.

For a breakdown of the salaries consult our latest Salary Guide.

There are various business support jobs available, such as sales, HR, and import/export administrators, along with receptionist roles and office manager positions.

As these roles are needed across almost every sector, not every business support job will be the same, and even different departments within the same organisation may have different duties and ways of working.

This will differ depending on the exact job profile, with some being purely administrative in nature, while others may have managerial duties.

In most cases, the key responsibility of a business support role is to assist other employees with day-to-day business to ensure operations can run effectively. Depending on your role, you may also have more customer and client facing interactions.

You will likely need to manage correspondence, record and enter information, schedule meetings and appointments, handle core office equipment, and answer enquiries from internal or external sources.