Supply chain recruitment solutions in the Middle East


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Supply chain recruitment solutions in the Middle East


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Our expertise in supply chain recruitment

Organisations have been heavily impacted by global supply chain distribution. Adapting to these challenges, and consolidating supply chain processes means attracting and retaining the right talent.  

Your organisation needs more than a recruiter, but a supply chain leadership partner. Our partnership offers 18 years of regional logistics and supply chain expertise, and a vast and engaged database of industry professionals.   

Access the talent and strategic guidance your organisation needs as it adapts to market shifts, navigates increasingly volatile supply chains, and adopts new digital and analytics models.  

From senior supply chain specialists to supply chain directors, our sophisticated regional and international networks will deliver a broad range of supply chain expertise and leadership.  

Get in touch toady and discover how our supply chain team can secure you the candidates and long-term strategies you need. 

Our supply chain fields 

Our specialist supply chain consultants can support your organisation with end-to-end recruitment services for: 

  • Supply chain directors 
  • Heads of supply chain 
  • Supply chain managers 
  • Demand/forecast managers 
  • S&OP managers 
  • Production managers 
  • Supply chain analysts/specialists  

Successful supply chain placements 

We’ve supported thousands of customers, placing talented supply chain professionals across multiple sectors - manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas, logistics, automotive, construction, technology, FMCG, and food and beverage throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.  

Your organisation could join a growing list of local enterprises, multi-national organisations, and large-scale mega/giga projects who’ve benefited from our talent recruitment and strategic support. 

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Whether you’re seeking short-notice contract support or longer-term employees, we have candidates in our databases that are sure to fit the bill.

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Whether you're seeking contract support or permanent employees, we have candidates - including UAE and Saudi national citizens - that are sure to fit the bill.

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