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Hays VAT in the UAE report

Find out how some organisations in the UAE are preparing for the introduction of VAT by downloading your copy of our latest research – click here.

Hays Journal Issue 13

Our global industry first, award winning publication is the leading tool for HR professionals. Inside we provide insight and news on the ever-changing world of work. Click here to request the latest issue

DNA of a Finance Leader

This unique report provides insight into what it takes to achieve a leading role in finance in the GCC region. What qualifications really matter? How important is international experience? What personal attributes are crucial to success? What skills will be in demand going forward? Click here to request your copy

Hays 2017 GCC Salary & Employment Report

Are you being paid enough? Find out how your salary compares against others in your industry, and learn how the Middle East employment market is shifting. Download the report

2016 Oil & Gas global salary guide

Are oil and gas employers confident? How have salaries been affected? Our global guide provides essential insights for everyone in the Oil and Gas industry. Get a copy

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All the advice you will ever need is on our job blog. From acing an interview, to becoming the perfect manager, and how to hire the right candidate. Browse our blog

Gender diversity report 2016

A global report with local Middle East insights discovers how gender diversity impacts the world of work. View the report

Hays 2016 Global Skills Index

Providing an in-depth analysis of professional employment markets across 33 global economies. Click here for more information