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Market intelligence

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Hays 2020 GCC Salary & Employment Report

Get a detailed look at salary and hiring trends from 2019 and employee and employer expectations for 2020. Download your free copy here.

Hays 2020 Saudi Arabia Salary & Employment Trends Report

Based on survey findings from over 1,000 employers and employees, this new publication explores salaries, employment and benefits packages, as well as workforce turnover in the Kingdom. Download your free copy here.

Hays Employee Attrition in the GCC Report 2019

This new publication from Hays identifies the key factors driving employee turnover in the Gulf region and provides advice for employers looking to reducing attrition in their workforces. Get your free copy.

Hays Journal

Our global industry first, award winning publication is the leading tool for HR professionals. Inside we provide insight and news on the ever-changing world of work. Click here to view the latest issue

Hays Global Skills Index

Published in association with Oxford Economics, the Hays Global Skills Index measures how easy or difficult it is for firms to attract and retain the most talented workers in 34 countries. Click here for more information

Hays monthly newsletter

Our monthly newsletter supplies you with insights on the newest trends and developments in the local and global employment market and information about the best recruitment solutions. Click here to sign-up.

Career & hiring advice blog

All the advice you will ever need is on our job blog. From acing an interview, to becoming the perfect manager, and how to hire the right candidate. Browse our blog

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