Build a high performance team like our strategic partners and Premier League champions Manchester City

Build a high performance team like our strategic partners and Premier League champions Manchester City

The notion of the ’high performance’ team has been around since the 1950s when the term was first coined in the United Kingdom. Since then, the concept has been used to describe the anatomy of winning sporting sides, business units and other successful teams. In today’s increasingly complex business environments, many of the best results are achieved when an effective team is in operation.

“We are incredibly proud to be the Official Recruitment Partner of Manchester City and congratulate all involved on their title win. We have been in partnership with the Club since 2013 and during that time we have learnt of the many interesting parallels between the world of work and the world of elite sport. We use our partnership with Manchester City to highlight how companies can apply these parallels to their own organisations, such as leadership skills and the power of teamwork. With 50 years’ experience, we at Hays understand these factors, and are constantly striving to help our client organisations build high performance teams to takes their businesses to the next level,” says Simon Lance, Managing Director for Hays in Greater China.

1. Strong leadership

Leadership plays an important role in building high performance teams and achieving success. Leaders show the passion, loyalty, commitment and drive it takes to surpass expectations and achieve key goals. Above all else, they show themselves to be talented people managers and drive the performance of their team.

2. Skilful players create skilful teams

Although it is the team rather than the individual that ultimately provides an organisation with its competitive edge, the most effective teams are made up of skilled individuals. They are specialised in their respective roles and have the commitment and drive to succeed. Crucially, each and every one of them is determined to do their best for the benefit of the team.

3. Unite through a clear purpose

The high performance team is united by a clear purpose that is so compelling that each member willingly provides the extra effort – or discretionary effort – required to make peak performance their norm. Each member understands not only how their role impacts their fellow team members but also the overall success of the organisation.

4. Consider the team as a whole

From a manager’s perspective, considering the team as a whole offers a challenge of its own. High performance teams trust in the competencies of their fellow team members and stand together in the face of change whether that is a change of management, the technology they use in their work or to the business conditions they operate within.

Constant monitoring of performance

However, even a high performance team requires monitoring to identify what is working and what isn’t and making changes as needed. The relationships and behaviours of a team need to be reviewed to monitor how a team is working together, handling conflict and developing trust. This should apply to both self-managed teams and those that are led by managers.

“Manchester City’s ability to build a high performance team and Hays’ experience in helping leading organisations to find the talent they require, makes us natural partners. Over the past five years, Hays has helped the Club to build a winning team off the pitch, including recruiting roles across City’s legal, finance, HR, commercial, marketing and communications teams in a range of regions such as UK, the US and Asia.” says Simon Lance, Managing Director for Hays in Greater China.

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