logistics and supply chain jobs in the middle east 

Lean on our logistics and supply chain expertise and extensive employer network to find your next job.

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logistics and supply chain jobs in the middle east 

Lean on our logistics and supply chain expertise and extensive employer network to find your next job.

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Our recruitment experience in logistics and supply chain jobs

Logistics and supply chain are some of the most critical functions for organisations. Their increased importance means it's an exciting time to be a logistics or supply chain specialist – one where your skills are in high demand. 

We have over 18 years of success as dedicated logistics and supply chain recruiters. We’re deeply embedded in the logistics and supply chain market in the Middle East. As such, our expansive networks can provide a wide range of opportunities for private and public sector organisations.  

We’re hiring across the board, with a particular emphasis on senior roles for professionals who can command comprehensive logistical processes. This includes supply chain directors and managers, forecast managers, sales and operations planning (S&OP) managers, production planners, supply chain analysts, logistics and distribution/operations directors, logistics and distribution directors, logistics and distribution managers, operations/warehouse managers, fleet managers, transport managers, import/export managers and freight forward managers.  

As a lifelong partner in logistics and supply chain, we can provide you with the specific insights needed to succeed in a function that is increasingly influenced by technology and sustainable practices. By partnering with us, you’ll be ready for the future of logistics and supply chain management. 

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Logistics and supply chain employers we work with 

With an expansive and committed employer network, we’ll connect you to a breadth of different businesses and logistics groups. The organisations we work with are diverse, ranging from international logistics providers, supply chain specialists, global freight specialists, local delivery and courier specialists.  



Logistics and supply professionals can be well renumerated. Organisations are aware of how important logistics and supply chain professionals are helping to secure the reliance and value of their business.

A supply chain manager in the UAE could typically earn 25,000-40,000AED monthly, while a head of supply chain might earn closer to 45,000AED monthly. 

Regarding more senior positions, a logistics director in Saudi Arabia could earn up to 50,000SAR monthly, while a supply chain director can command, on average, 75,000SAR monthly. 

See our Salary Guides for a more detailed breakdown of logistics and supply chain job salaries. 

Some logistics roles do not require a degree by default. While a relevant degree, such as a BSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, could be a great advantage, it’s possible to progress your career through experience alone. However, having a degree may make it easier to gain an internship and will, of course, be a necessity for a graduate placement. 

There’s a rising demand for skilled logistic and supply professionals, particularly those who possess technical skills or qualifications, such as in maths or statistics. 

Some traditional roles include supply chain director, logistics director, supply chain manager, logistics manager, warehouse manager, demand planning manager, forecast manager, transport/fleet manager and distribution manager.  

With the rise of technologies like automation and AI, new and exciting roles are a real possibility for forward-thinking professionals willing to learn new skills.