Preparing to recruit

Preparing to recruit
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What do you need this person to accomplish?

Our 4 key steps and Talent Guide will help you identify your perfect match.

1. Permanent or contract?

At certain times, such as in the case of busy periods, or skills shortages for specific projects, employing staff on a contract (either short or long-term) basis will enable your organisation to flourish. For many of our clients who choose this option, establishing a flexible workforce ensures that you are able to complete critical projects to time and budget, without the full employment responsibility, while depending on permanent staff for the day-to-day critical operations of the business. 

2. Define your role requirements

Identify the key requirements you need for your business by determining three essential skills you must see in the candidates’ resume. Remember - our expert consultants can help you with this stage if you're ready to write the advert - click here to contact us

3. Define your corporate culture

Think about your fit in terms of behaviours - what is acceptable and not acceptable to your business? Make sure you have a clear picture about the work environment in order to select candidates that will gel well.

4. Write a specification

Once you have decided exactly what you need from your new team member, you need to articulate this into a specification. Your recruiter will work with you to do this, offering insight into the candidate market to ensure you appeal to those most likely to suit you.

Read the Talent Guide to get further guidance on this.


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