Marketing Q&A with Grace Eldridge

Covid-19 and beyond: What's happening in the Marketing profession?
Q&A with Grace Eldridge

Grace Eldridge, Business Manager - Marketing, Digital & Comms

What would be your advice to employers looking to hire Marketing talent in UAE?

Where world travel is still limited, and with talks of a second ‘wave’ of Covid-19, it is understandable that employers are cautious about hiring. However, there are a lot of talented professionals available in the market, meaning it is an excellent time to strengthen your team and secure the best talent before competitors snap them all up! When you are interviewing, my key advice would be to ensure that you are very clear on the stability and longer term opportunity that the role and the organisation offer. For employees it is a difficult time with lots of uncertainty, and this is key to instilling confidence.

What skills have proven to be most resilient / in demand for Marketing professionals in light of the pandemic?

There is no surprise that digital marketing and eCommerce are resilient areas under the marketing umbrella, especially as companies have had to adapt to new consumer and business trends and largely have had to become more digitally focused in their offering. Whether you are marketing, digital or communications, the most in demand skill is always the ability to demonstrate ROI through activity which directly contribute to the commercial business objectives. As long as you are able to show where your activity contributes to the bottom line, you will always be in demand.

What advice would you give to Marketing professionals looking for new job opportunities in the UAE?

When applying for new opportunities in a tough market it is absolutely paramount that you are tailoring your CV and your personal achievements to the role and the organisation for which you are applying. Through challenging times, employers want to know that they are making the absolute right decision when hiring. Being able to demonstrate what value you can add from the very beginning of the process is key. Also, using your network to leverage relationships, both professionally and personally, is always a good way to gain traction in your job search. It isn’t always what you know, but who you know!

Is remote working likely to increase going forward?

Absolutely yes, even the least agile of organisations had to make big changes to the way in which they work throughout the period of lockdown, and it has really opened eyes across the region as to what is possible when working from home. In such a challenging market, office space is a high cost to a business and the ability of employees to succeed from home will potentially play a big part in saving money over the coming months. From a candidate perspective, we are seeing this question being asked right at the beginning of a recruitment process as part of their understanding of the company culture and values. Businesses who do not adapt working from home strategies will certainly lose competitive edge in the market, and could suffer higher attrition rates as a result.

Now we are heading into the summer period, have you seen many new vacancies arise?

Each week that has passed since the end of the full lockdown in the UAE has brought new job opportunities. Summer is always a quieter period for recruitment in the region compared to the rest of the year nonetheless, with this traction we are already seeing in the jobs market, we anticipate that the number of available marketing and digital jobs will really increase from September and for the last quarter of the year.

Finally, did you bake banana bread or learn a TikTok dance over the lockdown period?

Banana bread, yes - with chocolate chips of course! My skills unfortunately don’t extend to TikTok just yet, I will leave that to the pros!




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