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Posted by Hays UAE, Decmber 2015

Hays is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the Middle East and continuing with this theme, we have surmised a quick 10 ways to ensure that you hire the most appropriate candidate to your company:

1. Realise the candidates potential – whilst work experience is important, it is imperative that employers realise a candidates capability for the longer term. Individual’s personality and soft skills should be considered just as much as their work experience and expertise

2. Be honest – manage candidates expectations, making them fully aware of the challenges that come with the role

3. Introduce colleagues – selecting a candidate should be a two-way process. By meeting with other company representatives candidates will gain further insights around the nature of the role and the company culture

4. Check social media profiles – understanding how candidates behave on their social media accounts is a key indication of their true personality and the type of person you will be placing

5. Ask the right questions – ensure that, by the end of the interview process, you are able to understand a candidates drive and ambitions. This will give a good indication of whether they are likely to grow with the business and their intentions for the longer term

6. Remove any ambiguity – be open and honest about the application process from the start in order that candidates can be as prepared as possible and you see their full potential

7. Be professional and efficient throughout the hiring process – stay in close contact with candidates even if the outcome is not the one they are after. Ensure that they walk away with a positive association with your brand

8. Career progression – ensure the candidate can see the opportunities open to them should they take the role. A high calibre candidate is unlikely to take a role where they do not understand career advancement opportunities

9. Rewards – this should not be the be-all and end-all however, remuneration is an important factor in the candidates job search and of course reflects you as a brand

10. Your reputation / USP – the prospectus employee should have done their research about the company but you benefit from the hindsight of have worked there. Share with them the aspects that set your company apart

Thank you for your supporting us in our 10 years of business in the Middle East!

Stay tuned for more '10' themed blogs...