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Post by Hays UAE, June 2016

People skills are just as important to career success as technical skills, perhaps more so in some professions. Here are five of the most important people skills needed to build a productive and harmonious workplace.

Be genuine

An honest colleague is a valuable asset. Always be sincere. Feigned gratitude can be interpreted as patronising, reducing team morale. I have a handful of trusted colleagues that I always go to first when I need some advice. Try to be that person to as many people as possible.

Be a good listener

It’s obvious when someone is just hearing rather than really listening to you. Be aware of the fact that if you are sitting in meetings, replying to emails on your mobile or constantly interrupting, then you’re really not listening. This will quickly win you a reputation for being rude and disengaged. Always give your colleagues your full attention. As a result, you will find that your colleagues become more receptive to you – thus creating a more open and respectful working relationship.

Be positive

Always try to maintain a positive outlook. A positive attitude, like a smile, is infectious and will make you a pleasure to be around. Help spread good feeling by taking the time to engage your colleagues in constructive conversation. A dynamic office environment depends on positive team morale. Obsessing too much over things that have gone wrong is counter-productive and can often encourage ill-feeling amongst your team. We all make mistakes, it’s how you deal with them that defines what sort of professional that you are. Strive to be the progressive solutions person in your workplace.

Be trustworthy

The strongest working relationships are built upon trust. Most people are drawn to those colleagues that they know they can depend upon in a tough situation. Never shirk a challenge, instead be confident in your ability to confront them head on.

Be polite

Always treat everyone, from the doorman to the CEO, with the same respect and kindness. Lastly, the most basic but essential of all people skills is politeness. We can all, from time to time, become overwhelmed by mounting workloads or tight deadlines, but try to avoid taking your frustrations out on those around you. Managing pressure whilst retaining your respect for others will gain you much acclaim amongst your colleagues.

A final thought

By developing good people skills in the workplace, and being aware of how you are perceived by your colleagues, you will soon see tangible results in the efficiency, happiness and productiveness of your workplace.

Now go and spread some happiness in your work place.


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