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Things you need to know about careers in 2020

Posted by Hays UAE, March 2015

You hear 2020, and you might automatically think Expo! But what I’m talking about in this post is how to future proof yourself, your daughter, your son, and anyone else who will be in the world of work in 5 years’ time.

1. Get the sector right

Rather than a career track, choose a sector that has a bright and long term future. This decision will lead to many more opportunities that might not seem obvious now. Anything to do with caring for people – aged, allied, specialist medical or the honourable profession of nursing are all sure to be in rising demand for the foreseeable future. Similarly, professions focused on attracting, serving, understanding and analysing customers will continue to be critical in helping companies grow.

2. Get tech-savvy

Technology like mobile devices, computers, and software can extend our reach, processing power and output beyond human capabilities; and by 2020 it will only be smarter, faster and more convenient. Mastering all these tools will be necessary in order to stay employed. Force yourself to keep your technical skills up to date, even if new developments don't seem directly related to your current job.

3. Be a human too

However! Anyone can learn how to operate a machine, but you are the only one with your creative mind – so use it to stay a step ahead of competition. If you learn how to apply your individual creative problem solving skills to the efficiency of technology you will become a valuable long-term team member.

4. Tap into the passion

How many of us reached our 30s and suddenly realised we’d made a really boring career choice? Talking to ill-informed career advisers who take little or no notice of personality can led to a poorly suited career path, and an unhappy work-life balance. If you made the right career choice, and find your profession interesting and rewarding it is more likely you will be motivated to succeed and add greater value to your organisation, thus adding longevity to your career. So in 2020 expect to see a rise in people following their gut instinct in terms of what sort of work will suit their personality, passions, skills and interests.