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Hays Contracting & Outsourcing recruitment services
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If you are looking to employ staff on a contract, either short or long-term, let our dedicated team of experts assist - contact us.

We work across a range of industry sectors, both public and private, including: Accounting & Finance, Construction & Property, IT, Healthcare, HR, Marketing, Office Support, Oil & Gas, Sales, Supply Chain. Drawing on our expertise and global networks, we can help you to establish a flexible workforce that will benefit your business.

Our services

Thanks to our partnership with Al Nahiya Group, an Emirati company, owned by a prominent member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family, we are able to offer our clients two cost effective contracting options:

  • Full recruitment service: Recruit contractor - Process Visa - Process payroll
  • Visa and payroll service: Process visa - Process Payroll 


What we do

Many people underestimate the time it takes to hire, as well as the complexities involved in visa and payroll processing. Working with Hays makes things easier for both clients and candidates, for the following reasons:

Visa and payroll services

  • Through our partner company Al Nahiya Group, we provide full visa processing and payroll services, thus removing your administrative burden and saving you time
  • We are able to facilitate the processing of the three employment visa types in the UAE depending on the requirements of the individual and what is needed to legally employ them. Visa’s include: Full Employment Visa (2 years, multiple entry), Mission Work Visa (3 months, single entry) or Labour Card (women only).


Full in-house Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Employee Relations services

  • Al Nahiya Group’s in-house PROs take complete charge for arranging the formalities of setting up visas, medicals and all statutory requirements for contractors and temporary workforces. They are bi-lingual in English and Arabic and will assist candidates throughout the administrative process. Al Nahiya Group’s employee relations team manage the full mobilisation and demobilisation process on your behalf.


Fully licensed service

  • We hold a Federal license with our partner Al Nahiya Group which enables us to legally provide temporary / contract workers within all 7 of the UAE Emirates. We take our compliance duties seriously and ensure that all of our contractors meet the statutory requirements in the region.


Temporary / flexible workforce

  • Having a flexible workforce enables you to complete critical projects without the full employment responsibility. All contractual obligations will be held between Hays and Al Nahiya Group.


Scale of operation

  • We have an extensive National and International database of candidates which means we can find you the right people within a short space of time.


Competitive rates

  • We offer the most cost-effective services that will meet your needs and find you the best temporary talent available in the market.


About Al Nahiya

Al Nahiya Group was founded in 1981 in Abu Dhabi and is a 100% Emirati owned organisation and originated as a single purpose National Establishment specifically licenced to “Employ and Recruit National and Non National Manpower for Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas sectors, related industries and infrastructure markets".

Al Nahiya Group employs over 800 personnel in Abu Dhabi. Their back office services, including PRO’s and employee relations team, support the in-house visa and payroll process.

Registered and prequalified with ADNOC and its operating companies for Visa issuance and Labour Ministry compliant payroll.

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