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Salary & Employment report

employer salary guide download

The "Salary & Employment Report" is your must use guide for staff retention and attraction.

Gain insights into employees expectations for 2015, what motivates them to change job or progress internally, and other employers expectations for the year.



You can download your PDF copy of the Salary & Employment report here by clicking the "download" button

If you wish to have a printed copy of the guide please let us know by getting in touch with your details

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Here are some examples of findings our report has discovered.

Mismatched salary expectations

It comes as no surprise that salary is the biggest topic covered in the report, with salary taking the top spot for employees when evaluating a new career opportunity, and a huge 79% of them expecting a salary change to occur this year.

The biggest surprise uncovered was the percentage by which employees expect their salaries to change. The largest percentage believed their salary will increase by more than 10% in 2015, a belief reflected by only 7% of our surveyed employers.

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Retaining talent is a big challenge

The mismatched salary expectations discovered in the report, and mentioned above, points towards a conclusion that employees will be more likely to seek new employment in 2015 in order to realise their salary hopes.

The report finds 78% of employee respondents will "plan to look for a new role in 2015", which is 11% more likely than "looking to progress internally". When looking at a retention strategy for your business our findings show that salary, career development opportunities, and a challenging role are most valued to employees.

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