Career opportunities in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco

Career opportunities in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco

Our vision

Our vision is clear. In 2020, we will be the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company, focused on maximizing income, facilitating the sustainable and diversified expansion of the Kingdom’s economy, and enabling a globally competitive and vibrant energy sector.

What it means for people who work with us now and want to join us in the future can be summed up in one word – opportunity. Our goals and huge investment will result in incredible opportunities to innovate, learn, and make a huge impact on our global business.

Wherever you work, whatever you do, Saudi Aramco has the potential to give you the platform to make the most of your career.

To do this, we know it’s going to involve a lot of hard work and investment. So, our strategy for success breaks out our vision into five key goals:

  1. We will reinforce our leading position in oil and gas exploration and production.

    We’re already a world-leading and reliable supplier of petroleum products to markets across the world. But with this vision, we intend to build on this success and improve every aspect of our upstream operations. We’ve already discovered new gas and oil fields, and with huge capital investment in conventional and unconventional resources, we plan to increase our gas production – helping the Kingdom grow while supporting the stability of the markets, as well as meeting global and local energy demands.

  2. We will integrate our business across the hydrocarbon value chain to create impact.

    We want to maximize the value from every hydrocarbon molecule we produce. So, even as other petroleum companies are scaling back, we are steadily increasing our downstream capabilities. This involves building additional refining capacity, and growing our global chemicals business as well as our trading and marketing businesses.

  3. We will enable the sustainable development of the Kingdom.

    We’re the main driver of the Saudi economy. And whether we’re taking on major public works and infrastructure projects, acting as a catalyst for the localization of the Kingdom’s energy services sector, adding value to our downstream products, or championing energy efficiency, we put the energy of our people, our unique expertise, and our resources to work to create new opportunities for the people of Saudi Arabia.

  4. We will lead the way in technology development and innovation.

    Our technological breakthroughs will change the lives of people around the world. We’re working to increase access to affordable energy, reduce CO2 emissions, create next-generation materials that make consumer products lighter and stronger, and conserve water resources. But we’re not doing it alone. Through strategic research alliances, plus our global research centers, our open network innovation model helps bring together talent, capabilities, and ideas from across the world.

  5. We will strengthen our position as an employer of choice.

    World-class ambitions require world-class talent, which is why we’re always looking for people who want the opportunity to work on projects with meaning; projects that make an impact; and projects that affect people on a global scale.

    We foster a culture that empowers individuals, encourages collaboration, manages risks, drives accountability, and rewards high performance. So if you’re a professional who wants to work with high-functioning teams and make the most of your skills, experience, and abilities, join a place where energy really is opportunity.

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