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Posted by Hays UAE, March 2016

Christian Lepolard, Business Director at Hays China has captured the following 5 steps to help you achieve your eventual goal of reaching the top:

1. Keep up the pace

Keep a certain pace in your career. “Falling asleep”, i.e. staying for more than three or four years in a given role just because it feels comfortable, is not an option if you want to reach the top. Many CEOs I met during my career in recruitment kept changing their role every three years on average, always aiming for a higher position, and this brought them much more quickly to the heights of the corporate world.

2. Stay curious

Another consequence is that if you need to move upward all the time you need to make the most of the three to four years you will spend in each position. People who reach top positions are usually curious and always eager to learn. Curious not just in your own role but also from colleagues on the same level but in a different function. The quicker you can get new knowledge and skills, the sooner you can move into your next job.

3. Don’t stagnate, even if it means leaving

Obviously, it pays to stay with your current company as long as you can move to the next level of responsibility. Making a career within one company is easier because you know them and they know you, so the trust factor is high and your employer will be more ready to take risks on you. However, once you feel you are in a dead-end or do not see your next position coming anytime soon, this is probably the right time to look around for a new employer and your next role.

4. Give yourself a head start

It is possible to shorten the 21 to 28 years needed to become a CEO, often by reducing the time spent in the first two or three roles. This is what graduate programs are about – exposing you in a very short period to different functions in the company and taking you to a management role very quickly (usually after two years). Getting into such a program is not easy, but if you want to reach for the top role, starting your career as trainee will help you a lot.

5. Up-skill yourself

Another good career accelerator is getting an additional degree. An Executive MBA can give you the knowledge you do not possess (or you missed) for your next position or grant you access to a network of people who will help you landing your next job.

A final thought

Even if there is no such thing as a typical career, even if you cannot always plan your next step in advance, even if your career will sometimes accelerate or decelerate (or stop) depending on external events outside of your control, the above advice will benefit any career.

Not everybody will want or be able to do it, but even if your goal is ‘simply’ to become a C-level executive or a Country Manager, you will still use the same strategy – only the number of layers/career steps you need to go through will change. Make this advice the ‘skeleton’ of your career – it’s then up to you to add the ‘flesh and skin’ that suits your ambitions and purpose in life.

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