By utilising the most in-depth and advanced recruitment competency assessment tools, we map out the management style, personality, and ability of each candidate. These evaluation techniques will give you the most accurate indicator of a candidate’s potential performance in a role and their behavioural traits. By using appropriate, well-designed and proven assessment tools you can increase the efficiency of the hiring process and be sure you are hiring talent that will thrive in the role and fit your organisations culture.

Knowledge is power

We are able to offer clients a range of cost effective assessment tools dependant on their own unique set of requirements. We will be able to assist you in selecting the set of tools that are right for your needs. These tools follow best practice, providing accurate, consistent and valid results.

The assessments include:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Ability Testing
  • Technical Assessment
  • Business Simulations i.e. Role plays, analysis exercises, fact finding exercises



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